Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Olympic Art Fiasco

This pathetic doodle - Forest Pitch by Craig Coulthard - depicts a football pitch created in the centre of a forest by felling trees. Believe it or not, this insane project has been selected as Scotland's contribution to the 12 art events allegedly showcasing the UK for the London 2012 Olympic Games and will be funded to the tune of £460,000 (title link). What a fiasco! Not only is this non-art; not only is it an appalling waste of money in a recession; but also it trashes any idea of conservation. What planet do the nutters of the Arts Council live on? The other projects selected are daft enough (CLICK), but this lunacy tops them all. Cancel it and save trees! The planet needs trees far more than it does another lunatic "art" project.


At 28/10/09, Blogger Gabrielle Jones said...

All I can say is BRAVO! I agree with everything you have said, if the council do, indeed, expect to make this landscape installation. The drawing is quite nice, though. Surely they are only accepting the drawing in the event? Isn't it a "tongue in cheek" poke at the Olympic authorities... a showcasing of both the Council's Green credentials by recognising the joke and being brave enough to present the art - tell me that's the truth??

At 28/10/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Gabrielle

Glad you agree with me. The pitch is to be built to host only two football matches at the time of the Olympics and will then be allowed to revert to nature.

It's no joke! Click the title link to read the twaddle extoling it's virtues. It's head-banging stuff. People all over the world are campaigning against global warming and the loss of the planet's trees while the overpaid goofballs of the Arts Council think felling trees for two football matches is a novel idea!

Write to your MP and complain.


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