Friday, 2 October 2009

Turner Prize Dead Demo

Thinks: Should I publish this scurrilous poster from the Stuckists maligning that doyen of the Brit. Anti-art Establishment Sir Nickelarse Scrotum? Oh why not? It's news ... er ... sort of. The Turner Prize may be dead, but like all good zombies it refuses to lie down. So, to coincide with the launch of this year's art fiasco on Monday 5 October, Stuckists will be holding a The Turner Prize Is Dead Demo outside Tate Britain from 9am until they get bored or run out of leaflets and badges. They'll be holding another one outside Tate Britain on the day of the Turner Prize award: Monday 7 December. Their badges are collectors' items, folks, and free! Don't miss out. Join the throng and sport your protest with pride.


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