Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Turnip Prize

I know you're all bored with that standing joke the Turner Prize. So here's the alternative: the Turnip Prize for bad art. This prize is awarded by residents of the Somerset village of Wedmore. Sue She's Knickerless Cage, a collection of naked Barbie dolls in a wire cage, is one of the entries. (Note the double meanings.) Another entry is Wallace and Vomit. Judging takes place next Monday. The winner will receive his or her prize at The New Inn pub on 7 December. Cheers!


At 21/11/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant - love both the prize and the nominee. I bet this piece of carefully designed s**t would, as Sue She intended, have a shot at the Turner Prize too.

The Turner Prize has made artists a laughing stock, so it's fitting that the Turnip Prize is named after a funny looking tuber best fed to livestock.

Now if they'd just turn the Turner Prize judges to turnips, we could all breathe peacefully again :-)

Thank you Wedmore. Thank you Somersetians or whatever you're called.

At 22/11/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

The judges of the Turner Prize are turnips. That's the problem.

Visit the Stuckists website to see what they think of it. They do a rather nice badge that says it all: "The Turner Prize is crap".

Search for it on my blog.


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