Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Caravaggio Update

Caravaggio's remains, which I mentioned on Sunday, have been located in an ossuary in the Italian town of Porto Ercole and have been removed to the University of Bologna for scientific examination. The remains will be compared with those of his descendants. In a macabre twist, what's left of Caravaggio will then go on show in Rome's Borghese gallery until 24 January 2010 before being reburied. Who on earth wants to see Caravaggio's bones? It's an insult to a great artist. Graphic: Caravaggio's Amor Victorious (1602-03).


At 23/12/09, Blogger Carol Nelson said...

Indeed - WHO wants to see 400 year old bones?

At 23/12/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Carol

I think it must be a Catholic thing. They're always displaying finger bones of saints and toenails of disciples. Maybe they're thinking of raising Caravaggio to sainthood!


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