Thursday, 10 December 2009

Travian UK

If my posts were sporadic a few weeks ago, it's because I was in the closing stages of the award-winning Travian browser game. If you're in one of the top alliances, as I was, the end game is very intensive. The object of the game is to build a Wonder of the World (shown). It's a bit like the Olympic Games: a totally pointless exercise, but every city that hosts the games must have one. Also like the Olympics, vast resources are wasted on the damned thing; but you have to help build one to become a winner. You can play for free, as I do, or you can pay for certain advantages. The game takes a year to play. The latest UK server started yesterday, and I'm back for more! Click the title link to join. If you like the game and do well enough to build a second village, I'll get 20 gold. But be warned, my Teuton raiders will be hunting weak villages to steal supplies!


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