Saturday, 27 February 2010

Art: Wildlife Crime?

I often wonder whether curators who claim that some inartistic tosh is art should be prosecuted under The Trades Description Act 1968. Curator Lydia Yee is responsible for commissioning French "artist" Celeste Boursier-Mougenot to set up a purported art installation in The Curve, the visual art space of the Barbican, London. This installation is a walk-through aviary containing 40 zebra finches, with electric guitars for perches and upturned cymbals for bird feeders. The cacophony this produces is an auditory and visual experience for the visitor. Oh wow! What about the birds? Their hearing is at a much higher pitch than ours, and they cannot escape. I've reported their plight to the RSPB as a possible wildlife crime. Click the title link to view a video of this rubbish.


At 4/3/10, Blogger Robert said...

Well Ian, my puppy certaily agrees with you, terrible din; must be awful for the birds who clearly can't avoid practising their musical foot print! Put into a human houshold we would be driven mad very quickly!

Hope all si well with you.

At 5/3/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

I hope you are keeping well. I take it your puppy was watching the monitor, not tucked under your coat at the exhibition.

I haven't received a reply to my complaint about the birds' plight.

I changed the name of my blog to see if I could get some more hits. It's about doubled them, I think.

Have you any art projects coming up this year? I recall you had a disaster last year and couldn't display your latest work at a show. Please let me know if there is a new sculpture I could post on my blog.

Look after yourself.


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