Friday, 30 April 2010

A Tribal Thought

I became bored with the general election back in January. The BBC's overexposure of this dishonest event has made me reluctant to watch BBC News. Why waste a quarter of an hour in every news broadcast reporting the claims of twin packs of liars playing Pass The Parcel with Government? This is Democracy? We're not even allowed to sign our ballot papers. It has to be a cross: the traditional signature of the illiterate. That's how much politicians respect our intelligence. The most exciting thing which has happened so far is Gordon Brown's referring to a Labour voter as "bigoted", and the media played that to death. So why am I showing this bar chart of party performance? And what does it mean? It shows the percentage of MPs from the three main parties who signed an Early Day Motion calling for the British Government to ratify ILO 169, the international law for tribal rights. It was published by Survival International, the movement for tribal peoples. Click the title link to find out more. My tribe is Apathy. There are a lot of us about. The usual suspects don't win our votes.


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