Monday, 12 July 2010

Children’s Art Day

Today is Children’s Art Day, opened in London by Mayor Bouncy Boris (CLICK). Bit of a misnomer that, because events across the UK continue until 18 July. The majority of them are in London, cos we're more cultural in the capital. Click the title link for the list of public events. I noticed the Vestry House Museum is hosting Draw, Sketch, Paint! on the 18th (CLICK). The most intriguing event which caught my eye is The Dogs That Wee On Our Wall, which runs for most of the week, hosted by Art and Clay (CLICK). I'm sure the little devils will love that one.


At 15/7/10, Blogger Jack said...

I would point you to this event:
The next installation being at Clissold Park, Hackney on 31st July 2010. There is a further installation at Holland Park on 8th August 2010. there are two really interesting aspects to this artist's work; the inclusion of messages of hope for the future contributed by 8 year old children from London primary schools and the fact the sculptures are given to the audience at the end of the installation.

Apparently the artist intends to extend this public art installation by involving the audience in the production of photographs of their DOG sculptures. These will then be collated into an on line exhibition.

At 16/7/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Jack

Thanks for the tip. These events look a lot fun for kids.

At 16/7/10, Anonymous jack said...

Actually, whilst the kids do enjoy the event it is actually the adult audience that really get into this. For the kids the sculptures tend to be perceived as fun cardboard dogs but the adults really react to the artistic concept and the level of their interaction has been incredible.

All of the marshalls at the Paradise Gardens installation (19th and 20th June) reported that the adult audience asked a whole range of questions about the artistic value of the work. Their interaction with the sculptures through the children's messages and then the extended involvement in recycling the installation from their own perspective gave the audience an involvement in public art which demonstrates the subtlety of Takayama's work.

At 16/7/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Oh right. The "sculptures" were so kiddified that I assumed it was an event for children. Kids love origami.


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