Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bamforth & Kapoor

I couldn't resist putting these two images together. On the left you have a saucy postcard by Bamforth & Co with the speech bubble IT MUST BE A RECORD! On the right is Anish Kapoor in Kensington Gardens admiring himself in his installation C-Curve 2007, one of four works celebrating the Serpentine Gallery's 40th anniversary. Ian Wallace, a businessman who now owns the rights to more than 50,000 cheeky Bamforth cartoons, has relaunched the brand to mark the 100th anniversary of Bamforth & Co. Its postcards sold in their millions and required no Government subsidy. If only we could say the same of Kapoor's facile tosh, which required no artistic imagination or dexterity. All he had to do was submit his orders to the manufacturer. Click the title link to see his four pointless installations. CLICK to see the Telegraph's slide show of Bamforth's classic smut. Then read my next post down.


At 1/10/10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the weather outside like a seaside Bank Holiday the link was a trip down memory lane. Many of the cards seemed relatively modern in their explicit language. The explosive fun of Donald McGill postcards, like Carry On films, was when the double entendre had to sink in first.

At 1/10/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Right. This is the perfect weather for browsing saucy seaside postcards. There are many on the web. You'll find an official Donald McGill website. There's a cartoon musuem near the British Museum, and Tate Britain is currently running Rude Britannia. So lots to choose from while the rain buckets down.


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