Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Holy Memorabilia

The banned advert (next post down) is tasteful, beautifully photographed and aesthetically pleasing. In short, it is art. Compare it with this tacky junk: a keyring Benedictaphone for recording the Pope's message (title link). BBC News Magazine quotes Stephen Bayley: "the proliferating papal kitsch is astonishing ... evidence of cynical and crass brand extension." And the prices! Would anyone in his or her right mind fork out £18 for an official papal visit T-shirt or £15 for a baseball cap bearing the message "Heart Speaks Unto Heart"? Despite all the criticisms currently being levelled against the Catholic Church, one that everyone has overlooked is its traditional role of ripping off the punters. In medieval times there must have been enough finger bones of Christ being flogged to build a Tyrannosaurus rex. As for bits of the cross on which Christ was crucified, a forest must have been cut down to supply them all. Holy memorabilia, Batman, what a way to make money!


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