Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Kate Middleton must be the first royal-to-be to advertise the fact that she shaves her pubes. Wearing a see-through bikini where the paparazzi abound is asking for a revealing photo. And they abound in the seas around the yachts of jet-setters, like sharks waiting to snap. Still, she makes a very pretty picture, whatever her attire. Why the world is getting so excited about a couple of jet-setters becoming engaged to be married is beyond me, but Prince William is currently doing a useful job and I wish the couple every happiness.


At 29/11/10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This picture is a photoshop fake!!!!

At 30/11/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

You reckon? The original looked genuine to me. (I cropped the original image to tidy it up and make it fit my blog.) Send me your evidence and I'll publish it.

At 1/5/11, Blogger cdanton said...

This picture is a photoshop fake! If you look at other photos of kate in a bikini she has an outty belly button, this is clearly an inny and the terrible quality of the picture just points it towards being fake.

At 2/5/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Your belly-button observation is interesting. I must admit I haven't seen that many photos of Kate's belly button. It's the sort of detail that could prove this photo a fake. However, the original photo which I cropped looked genuine. It was a snatched photo, badly composed, which suggests a lucky snapper rather than a fake. I must see if I can find any other photos of Kate's belly button!


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