Sunday, 19 December 2010

Eco Comics

British publisher Mohawk Media is bringing out a range of Eco Comics, incluing graphic novels, that you can download from its website for a price (title link). Here is the cover of the first one Heroic High, which is available now. The drawings are by Kit Wallis, the story by Chris Bunting. The idea behind this groundbreaking move is to stop wasting trees and to protect the environment. On days like today, it also means potential buyers don't need to trudge through the snow to buy a copy. And they are cheaper than traditional comics. Let's hope the idea takes off. The big question is: Will parents finance their offsprings' wish for eco-friendly online comics by shelling out with a credit card? I guess Green parents will. The only disadvantage I can see for Brits is that the prices are in US dollars.


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