Friday, 14 January 2011

Ice Sculpture

Now that the weather has turned milder, the London Ice Sculpting Festival is here at Canary Wharf. It began yesterday with the Singles Competition themed on Pedal Power to please Mayor Bouncy Boris. BBC News has posted a video of sculptress Natalie Staniforth from the UK team explaining how she carves her 1m block of ice into a futuristic tricycle (CLICK). Today it's the turn of the two-person teams to create a sculpture on the theme Love London! Awards will be handed out on Saturday at 3pm. There is a Public Choice Award which visitors can vote for, also 20-minute masterclasses for anyone aged 12+ in Canada Square Park and Jubilee Place (children must be accompanied by an adult) and a life-carving demonstration in Canada Place. It's all free. Click the title link for more information.


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