Saturday, 26 February 2011

E-mail Scams

This is supposedly Anna Hernadez, dropping her knickers just for me. If I visit her website I'll see lots more of her. Really? I received an identical e-mail from a different girl. Russian Mafia, methinks. Then there are those religious widows in Africa who need help getting their dead husband's loot out of the country. They usual end their messages "God bless, dear". Nigerian Mafia. You've won the Euro Lottery; just send a few quid to your agent in Italy or Spain and he'll get you the readies; oh, and a few more quid and a few more.... Then there are those lonely British ladies who strike up an online relationship with one of our boys serving in Afghanistan and send him money, because he's a bit short. Thousands of pounds later, they discover they've been bankrolling criminals! The latest scam is a phone call from an Indian call centre claiming to represent Windows or Microsoft and advising you that your computer has a virus. Just follow the caller's directions to a website that will remove it. Oh yeah? Steal all your bank details, more like it. I've had five such calls this year. What can we do about such scams? Our police are useless. At last the Attorney General's Office has woken up to the fact that Brits are losing billions of pounds every year to foreign criminals. Yesterday the National Fraud Authority launched a dedicated e-mail service Action Fraud to which we can forward copies of all the e-mail scams we receive. Its address is (title link).


At 28/2/11, Blogger Barkingside 21 said...

My personal Lottery winnings now ammount to more than World GDP - yours?

At 1/3/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

They've given up on me with that scam. Mostly I get Viagra ads. How did they find out?

At 2/3/11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is also a phone scam telling you that your Skynet Protection policy has expired and would you like to renew it now. Usually starts with the fishing line "Is your Skynet ok?". Don't answer "yes" to get rid of them - after that they ring once a day at least.

Almost as bad are Virgin and Sky sending their junkmail irrespective of repeated promises to take your name/address off their unauthorised lists.

At 2/3/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Another Indian call centre, I assune, like the 5 phone calls I've had this year claiming to be from Windows or Microsoft. I told the last caller he was a liar and they haven't called back since. Try it.

At 3/3/11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't mention Indian Call Centres. :-(

An frail elderly neighbour has had a broken 'phone line for 12 days and the BT 151 service keeps telling me the digging crew will come "tomorrow" - or an even more fantastical "they are working on it and it will fixed by 17:00 today".

Mostly they never ring back when they say they will. They just disconnect the call if you press them firmly, but politely, about the discrepancies and the urgency. The problem is that BT does not seem to have any route by which such poor customer service can be reliably flagged.

'scuse the rant - the digging crew are finally on site - 3 days late. Although it took 3 days, and as many engineers' visits, to identify a simple external cable break.

It took the old dear two days to give up on trying to use their "emergency" PayG mobile to contact BT 151 initially - and they still haven't mastered how to read the "progress" texts BT send.

At 3/3/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

12 days! Sounds as though she is due compensation from BT. I think they must repair a fault within 3 days or pay some compensation.

When my phone went down last year, a neighbour phoned BT to report it for me. BT told her my number wasn't a BT number. It is! She phoned back and told them. They eventually found it and said it would be mended soon. It was.


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