Sunday, 20 March 2011

HR Giger Gallery

Ten days ago I previewed the exhibition HR Giger - Dreams and Visions at the Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna (CLICK). Thanks to a tip-off from Anonymous, I've been browsing the online gallery of Giger's works in the exhibition. I was surprised by how many sculptures are on display. This sculpture shows the alien beauty of some of his works. Click the title link to view the gallery.
N.B. "eBay Buyers Beware: Mr Giger forewarns his collectors and fans that much of the merchandise sold on eBay using his name are fakes, forgeries and cheap imitations in violation of his copyright."


At 14/6/11, OpenID leoplaw said...

On the following web page are video interviews that were done with Giger at the opening of the Kunst Haus Wien 2011 exhibition.
HR Giger – Dreams and Visions – Kunst Haus Wien

At 14/6/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Thank you for that. I'll check it out when I finish changing my ISP.


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