Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding View

A week ago I linked to a brief BBC video tour of Westminster Abbey conducted by the Dean's Verger (CLICK). Auntie has now gone one better with a 360 degree tour of the Abbey, centred just below the 19th-century High Altar (shown). It's a bit shimmery, but it provides you with zoom controls and unobtrusive labels, such as "Poet's Corner". Click on a label and you access a text and audio commentary by Blue Badge guide Judy Pulley. If you want to get rid of these labels or bring them back, click the Info button in the top right corner. You can tilt or hurry the camera with arrows in the top left corner. If you click on the icon in the doorway of the Screen at the end of the Quire, you access a second 360 degree camera. All this is very sophisticated. You need Flash Player and ActiveX controls to run the show. Below the viewer are guide links: Wedding route, Etiquette, Video route, Schedule for the day. It's everything a royal watcher needs for the wedding. Click the title link.


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