Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Press Photos 2011

Congratulations to Charles McQuillan for winning the top prize Photograph of the Year in the Press Photographer’s Year 2011 awards, beating nearly 8,000 other entries. At first glance his winning photo seems too chocolate-boxy for a press photo award, but look closer and you'll see that the girl on the left is a facsimile - a "reborn" - of the girl on the right, whose name is Sara. Suddenly the image takes on a creepy feel, like a location photo from the Village of The Damned (1960). The news story: Glenda Ewart's Yellow Cottage Nursery creates these infant "reborns" for parents wanting a permanent memento of their child's early years. The Press Photographer’s Year 2011 opened recently at the National Theatre, South Bank, London, and runs until 4 September (CLICK). The Telegraph has posted a slide show of winning entries: CLICK. The title link takes you to the official website and the list of category winners.


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