Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tripe in Camden

The Camden Arts Centre is still wasting money on rubbish it claims to be art. Its latest load of codswallop is Mathilde Rosier: Necklace of Fake Teeth. This is Mathilde's first solo show in the UK. Let's hope it's her last. Why import tripe from France? Haven't we enough of our own? Above is one of her installation thingies: Supports et sentiments (2010). If you want to read the bull that goes with this show, click the title link. Remember Coxsoft's rule of thumb: The more pretentious the bull, the worse the art. This is a perfect example.


At 28/7/11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad when human beings fail to accept the fragility of their own existence.
Mathilde Rosier creates a virtual world where literature and fantasy become reality. This is Walt Dysney for adults and intellectuals. Now all those books we had to read at school make sense. It takes a great mind to understand that our whole existence is bond by myth and tradition. Exploring these concepts
gives us the opportunity to grow. We were once born into darkness, those who dared to dream of fire created the light, that once allowed our ancestors to draw symbols on cave walls. Mathilde Rosier is drawing new symbols on the wall of our darkned and caged minds. She is gently reminding us that it is ok to dream and create new worlds.
This fragile dream world exists inside all of us. It is our fear of life that keeps us from embracing it. You don't have to like it, just let it be...

At 29/7/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

You're kidding me. This is bull on top of bull. Bad art is bad art, no matter what metaphysical concept you dress it in. Why try to kid people it's better than it is?


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