Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rhino Thieves

A week ago I posted Rhino News (CLICK). On Friday night thieves broke into the Tring branch of London's Natural History Museum and stole replica rhino horns with no resale value. The real horns were put into secure storage a few months ago (title link). INTERPOL reckons these rhino-horn thieves are an Irish gang. It's good they got away with nothing, but this is the second time Tring has lost exhibits. There is a need to improve security.


At 28/8/11, Blogger laughingsalmon said...

Certain cultures seem to believe that rhino horns are an aid to male sexuality...They are not...This is the sort of belief which is not worth respecting...dalietor

At 28/8/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

It's mainly the Chinese. Their folk remedies include bear bile and tiger bits. It's appalling. As for shark-fin soup...disgusting.


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