Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Keep Smiling

It's been an embarrassing week for media mogul and spaghetti PM Silvio Berlusconi. First came the release of transcripts of phone calls about bunga bunga orgies ... er ... parties in which he boasts he has 11 women queuing for his favours, but can't do more than eight (CLICK). Next came the news that Standard & Poor's has downgraded Italy's credit rating from A+ to A (CLICK). On top of that came the news that BBC Worldwide - Auntie's commercial wing - is suing Berlusconi's television network over infringement of copyright for Strictly Come Dancing (title link for The Telegraph story with saucy photo). But the gallant Latin keeps smiling through. I'm not sure whether his two-finger sign with stained fingers is aimed at the BBC or one of his girlfriends.


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