Monday, 26 September 2011


The UK has a new quango ... er ... regulatory body for premium rate telephone numbers: Phonepayplus. I've long complained about premium rate telephone numbers. They are a gift to criminals. Back in the days when most of us were on dial-up for the Web, criminals used malware to hijack computers and divert their calls to a premium rate number. The user knew nothing about this until an enormous telephone bill arrived. I know a couple of colleagues this happened to, and BT insisted the bill was paid. Apps are the latest method. Phonepayplus has already shut down one app that sent and received text messages which could cost the unsuspecting user £4.50 each (CLICK). All firms using premium rate numbers should have registered with Phonepayplus by 1 September. If you find something dodgy on your telephone bill, you can now visit Phonepayplus and lodge a complaint (title link). The photo shows a happy mobile phone user. Note she can't afford furniture!


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