Sunday, 25 December 2011

Remy the Rat

Why is it that people who live in palaces feel obliged to give us all messages on Christmas Day? If they just said "Merry Christmas, peasants" it would be enough; but no, they must deliver sermons. I shall seek my Christmas message from Remy the Rat this year. Here's the lad himself holding the OscarĀ® he won in 2008 (the Chinese Year of The Rat) for best animated feature film Ratatouille (2007). It starts on BBC1 at 4.50pm, followed by The Gruffalo's Child, which also looks good. ITV1 has another Oscar-winner Happy Feet (2006) at 3.10pm, but I can't tolerate all the adverts. I'll have to put up with them during Downton Abbey at 9pm. I'm hooked.


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