Friday, 30 March 2012

Archibald Prize 2012

Hot off the presses: Sir Les Patterson, the Australian Cultural Attaché, must still be serving on the jury for the Archibald Prize, because they've selected another bummer (title link). If they had any artistic taste they would have chosen Michael Peck's Self-portrait in the image of my son (above), a poignant image of a boy's face under a military helmet, a painting of impeccable photo realism with carefully controlled use of colour. Outstanding. Vincent Fantauzzo's portrait of New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra (the build up) is another fine painting. So is Kate Tucker's portrait of another singer-songwriter: Missy Higgins. Project Five street artist Luke Cornish (E.L.K.) made history by being the first stencil artist to reach the finals with his portrait of Father Bob (Mr Grumpy). Click the title link to view the finalists. The show opens tomorrow at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


At 2/4/12, Blogger Anne McGravie-Wright said...

well couldn't agree with you more...but remember it is the TRUSTEES who select not the curators or Director ....for years the word is the Packers choice is the most reliable as they are mostly artists .....

At 2/4/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Anne

Glad you agree. I read somewhere that the Packer Prize was the kiss of death for the Archibald Prize. Maybe my source got it wrong. The subject of the Packer winner had certainly been given a strong presence, which portrait artists know is difficult to achieve.

The runners up are a strange mix of great art and the most dreadful tosh. Artists really don't know whether the judges will select quality or gimmicky rubbish, which is a shame. Quality should win every time.

The entries for the National Portrait Gallery Prize in England are more consistent. Artists know they have to pull something special out of the bag to win.

At 4/4/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gimmicky rubbish seems to win everytime. But I must admit there was skill in the execution of the winner. Now I have to admit I'm Mike Peck's mother!!!!!

At 4/4/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hello, Mrs Peck

The winner's work was detailed, and I liked the artist's Jack Russell terrier perched on top of his pack, but your son's painting was certainly my winner. As I wrote, "outstanding".

I hope to see more of his work.

At 13/4/12, Anonymous Brett said...

I have shown this image to several people over the last 2 days and most felt exceptional emotions looking at it. This is truly amazing. A look through some of his other work has the potential to bring you to tears. Peck is brilliant.

At 13/4/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Brett

Thanks for your comment. Young boys being prepared to become canon fodder is an emotive subject, and Peck conveys it brilliantly.


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