Friday, 13 April 2012

Red Vest Recovered

In what appears to have been a joint sting operation, Swiss and Serbian police collared a man in Serbia trying to sell Paul Cezanne's The Boy in the Red Waistcoat [US Vest] (1888), which was stolen from a private Zurich museum in 2008. (CLICK to read my original post on this robbery with all four stolen works shown and named.) Raids in Belgrade and Cacak netted the rest of the gang of four, including its leader. According to BBC News, the painting by Degas is still missing (title link). According to ArtDaily, a reward of €400,000 was paid for the Degas, which has been returned to the museum (CLICK). I must admit I object to the word "masterpiece" being applied to any of the four stolen works. Look at the incompetent daub above and note the unrealistic length of the arms. This boy's hands would dangle below his knees if he were to stand up. Leonardo da Vinci would turn in his grave.


At 13/4/12, Blogger Ekaterina said...

looking at hands i started to think that this boy might have very long legs.. whatever the truth is ugliness really attracts attention not less than beauty..

At 13/4/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Ekaterina

Ugliness can be very arresting. However, all I can see here is the unintentional deformity of the subject by a third rate painter who seems to lack any training in human anatomy. Both arms are all wrong. Masterpiece? If he were my student, I would have sacked him!


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