Friday, 11 May 2012

ArcelorMittal Orbit

When I first saw this artist's impression of the ArcelorMittal Orbit I hoped it was an April Fool's gag, but no. It was officially "unveiled" to the media today (CLICK). The BBC reporter took great pains to emphasize that this monstrosity is a work of art, because it was designed by that Royal Academician Anish Kapoor, but more honest commentators described it as "a cheese grater", "an obnoxious statement", "a catastrophic collision between two cranes" and "the Eiffel Tower after a nuclear attack". I'm sure east enders will simply call it "The Arse". £15 to ascend this thing! No way.


At 11/5/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be pants but, is it paid for by the taxpayer? If so, then it's OUR pants and we might as well climb it during the Games and then we might get a view, because some of us haven't got tickets for the venues.

At 11/5/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

The taxpayer paid only a small part, but why pay £15 to go up in this thing? It's a tourist trap.

At 11/5/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, but some of us haven't got any tickets for the Games and so we might get a peek over the top of the stadium at the action.

At 12/5/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

You'll get a better view on the TV, and you've already paid for that with your licence fee. Ignore all the hype and look forward to the end of this overpriced nonsense.


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