Friday, 29 June 2012

Apsley House Thefts

I can't understand the incompetent clots of the Metropolitan Police who delay publicizing the theft of valuable works of art until they run out of ideas. The Internet is a button push away. Get the theft into the public domain as quickly as possible. Luigi Eusebi's 19th century copy of Correggio's La Zingarella (the original shown here) and a number of other treasures were stolen from the private apartments of Apsley House at Hyde Park Corner on 14 June, but the Met. waited until 28 June before releasing this news to the BBC (CLICK). Why? To give the thieves time to make good their getaway? Surely it doesn't take a fortnight to watch one night's CCTV footage from the apartments. Apsley House, run by English Heritage, is still open to the public, if you wish to visit (CLICK). Only the family apartments were raided.


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