Sunday, 29 July 2012

US Cuts 7/7 Dance

Here is a still from Akram Khan's sensitive ballet about loss, showing the boy's emotional return to his "father". If you're one of the 40.7m Americans who watched NBC's version of the BBC coverage of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, you won't have seen this beautiful dance sequence, which also featured the faces of the 52 people who were murdered in the Islamic terrorist attack in London on 7 July 2005. NBC has given two feeble excuses for this insult. It claims it didn't know the dance referred to 7/7. That is a lie, because a one minute silence was called for. Its anchor man came up with the equally insulting comment that it didn't include the Munich massacre. This was British history, you fathead, not German history or Olympic history, and the 7/7 attack is as important to us as is the 9/11 attack on New York. Akram Khan is upset his tribute to victims of the London bombings wasn't shown in the US (CLICK) and I am disgusted with NBC's dishonesty and cavalier attitude toward London's victims.


At 30/7/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Israelis don't seem to have had a problem showing the piece and they were directly involved with the Munich massacre. The excuse is more than feeble, it's disgusting. The dance and photographs were a fitting tribute to the brave and they were to represent part of our history, for our opening ceremony, something that should not be forgotten.

At 30/7/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Israeli Olympians were the victims in Munich. Good to know Israelis respect Akram Khan's tribute to the 7/7 victims in London.

At 11/9/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NBC seems to have done it again, and they didn't show any live coverage of the Paralympics. It is hardly surprising that they decided to leave out the dance segment when they are not even bothering to show whole chunks of the Paralympics. Maybe they shouldn't have been awarded the chance to show the Olympics and Paralympics. Next time another U.S.broadcaster should be given a chance. They didn't even screen the Olympics opening ceremony live; they could have done and offered it again online later on so that Americans could have watched it in the evening.

At 11/9/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

NBC did show the Olympics opening ceremony live, but you're right about the Paralympics. Nothing live. There have been lots of complaints about NBC's coverage and the IOC has taken note. It will be looking more closely at the TV companies to which it sells the rights to cover the next games. Time zones and TV commercials don't help.


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