Monday, 27 August 2012

Cotman in Normandy

According to The Burlington Magazine of 1975, the exhibition Cotman in Normandy was staged that year in the Norwich Castle Museum. (John Sell Cotman was born and raised in Norwich and is a famous son of that city.) The autumn/winter biggy at the Dulwich Picture Gallery bears the same name and includes much of the same material. So why has it taken 37 years to bring this exhibition to London? Fashions in art change, is the simple answer, like winkle-picker shoes. Cotman is arguably England's finest watercolourist and in his day was more popular than Turner. The Dulwich exhibition features over 100 of Cotman's watercolours, drawings and sketches plus 20 studies by other artists who also visited Normandy, including Turner, Samuel Prout and Henry Edridge. It opens on 10 October and runs till 13 January 2013 (CLICK). Adult tickets cost £10, tickets for silver surfers £9 (90%). Shown is Cotman's Alencon (1823).


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