Thursday, 27 December 2012

Medal of Honor

With the National Rifle Association of America trying to blame anything but guns for the massacre of innocents in Newtown and for gun crime in general, Electronic Arts (EA) has removed links to gun shops from its Medal of Honor website. The game-makers pride themselves on creating realistic weapons and seek advice from gun manufacturers. EA now deems links to gun shops as "inappropriate", although company logos and descriptions of the weapons remain on the game's website (CLICK). In another response to the Newtown shootings, British host Piers Morgan on CNN TV told his guest Larry Pratt, director of Gun Owners of America, that he - Pratt - was "very stupid" and "a dangerous man". More than 31,000 Americans signed a petition calling for Morgan to be deported (CLICK). So much for US gun owners' regard for the constitutional right to freedom of speech! Don't worry, Piers. The Leveson Inquiry is over. If the Yanks do kick you out, it's safe to come back to Blighty.


At 27/12/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan has a right to his opinion. The idiot he interviewed doesn't get the point. It is ok to protect yourself with a weapon in America but fully automatic weapons have no place. The games are so realistic that while you can admire theur superb graphics they would be better placed in a film with a rating that would require someone to ask your age.

At 27/12/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Video games are age-rated in the UK. The British Board of Film Censorship has extended its remit to cover video games as well as movies. Don't know about the USA.


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