Monday, 18 February 2013

Banksy Cut From Wall

Last May I posted this picture of a Boy with Sewing Machine and real Union Jack bunting (CLICK). It has since appeared on Banksy's website (CLICK). So it is genuine. Last Wednesday workmen erected scaffolding and tarpaulins around the graffito and by Saturday there was nothing left but a hole in the wall. The artwork has since appeared in the Modern, Contemporary and Street Art sale to be held at Fine Art Auctions Miami on 23 February (CLICK) with an estimated value of £320,000 to £452,000. The auction house claims the Banksy is from a "well-known collector" who had signed a contract to say "everything was above board"! Firstly, real collectors don't buy and sell in the space of a fortnight. They savour their purchase while it appreciates in value. Secondly, where is its export licence? The Banksy must have been smuggled out of the UK. The sooner Miami police are involved in this case the better (CLICK).
Update: the Arts Council says this Banksy is excluded from Export Control as it is less than 50 years old (CLICK).


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