Sunday, 21 April 2013

Saltash Celtic Cross

Why do they do it? This 20m-high Saltash Celtic Cross, which looks nothing like any Celtic cross I've ever seen, was erected today to mark the Cornish boundary. It was designed by Simon Thomas at a cost of £500,000, of which £450,000 came from lottery funding and £50,000 from Saltash Town Council. They hope it will boost tourism (CLICK). If the natural beauty of Cornwall with its craggy cliffs can't bring the tourists flocking, I can't imagine this sculpture helping much.


At 22/4/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blot on the landscape and a waste of money, money should of gone towards keeping youths of the street and reducing knife crime, £500,000 to a youth project would of been money well spent.


At 22/4/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, ML

I couldn't agree more. Photos of Cornwall, perhaps shown in a London gallery as well as online, would do far more for tourism at a fraction of the cost.


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