Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Crisis of Brilliance

The Dulwich Picture Gallery is closed while it rehangs its galleries following the exhibition Murillo & Justino de Neve: The Art of Friendship. (CLICK to see what you missed!) It reopens on 12 June with Nash, Nevinson, Spencer, Gertler, Carrington, Bomberg: A Crisis of Brilliance, 1908-1922. The "crisis of brilliance" part is a quote from their drawing teacher Henry Tonks, who taught all of them at the Slade School of Art in London between 1908 and 1912. Shown is Dora Carrington's sensitive drawing of Mark Gertlier (c. 1909-11). Over 70 works will explore the group's development, culminating in their paintings made during and after WW I. Entry costs £11 or £10 for silver surfers (CLICK).


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