Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Quinn's Michael Jackson

Yesterday I mentioned Marc Quinn's statue of a naked Michael Jackson (scroll down or CLICK). In case you haven't come across it before, here it is: Quinn's Michael Jackson after Michelangelo's David. I don't know whether this statue was commissioned by the warbler himself as part of his self-deluding ego trip or whether it arose from Quinn's sense of humour. Either way, I think the statue would have looked better among the garden gnomes at RHS Chelsea Flower Show than Quinn's jumbo orchid. Gold medal winner?


At 21/9/15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't like it. Common!, MJ was a black dude, his bulge is bigger.
Sorry, I'm woman and I had to say it
Just type in Google 'Gold pants Michael Jackson'... That's all...

At 21/9/15, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Michelangelo's David was originally criticized for its small penis too.


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