Saturday, 11 May 2013

Slave Labour Sale

A year ago I posted this photo of Banksy's mural Slave Labour with real Union Jack bunting. In February it was cut from the wall owned by Wood Green Investments and promptly appeared in the sale catalogue of Fine Art Auctions Miami. Such was the furore caused by the loss of this Banksy that the US auction house bowed to pressure and withdrew it from sale. Now it has come up for sale again, this time offered by The Sincura Group - "your gateway to a VIP life" - in its sale at the London Film Museum, Covent Garden, on 2 June (CLICK). Haringey residents are hopping mad again (CLICK). Shame on the unscrupulous people involved in this case, the anonymous "collector" out to make a fast buck, Wood Green Investments, which must know who the greedy "collector" is, and The Sincura Group for putting Slave Labour up for sale to would-be VIPs.


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