Friday, 28 June 2013

Mandela Stolen

The criminal underworld must have taken seriously the BBC's claim that "African art is the next big thing". This ghastly portrait of Nelson Mandela by South African-born Conor Mccreedy has been stolen from a New York art gallery. The thieves blew a hole in the gallery wall and escaped with artworks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, including Mccreedy's daub. The New York Police Department, Interpol and private investigators are all trying to track down the criminals (CLICK).


At 6/7/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ghastly is the word! An insult to Madiba! Plus he should watch out because Mandela's estate doesn't like people making money off his image without authorization.

At 6/7/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

At present the Mandela clan seems more concerned with fighting for possession of the bodies of his three children. Archbishop Tutu is appalled.

At 26/10/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mccreedy has close affiliations with the Mandela family. If anything they are all sad and upset for this disturbing loss of a valuable artwork, more so for the fact thats is part of a MccreedyBlue creation rather than an average portrait of a statesman.

At 26/10/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Thanks for this information. I hope all the artworks are recovered.


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