Saturday, 22 June 2013

The White Queen

What did you think of BBC One's new 10-part historical hokum The White Queen, starring Rebecca Ferguson as Elizabeth Woodville? The production values are good and Rebecca with dyed honey-blonde hair is suitably beautiful, but I could have done without the daft premonitions and soppy witchcraft with a crown-shaped ring pulled from a magic thread. Despite this nonsense, Janet McTeer stole the first episode as the dominant Jacquetta Woodville, pushy mother and queen-maker. Will Mum brush aside the powerful men in Philippa Gregory's feminist version of The Wars of The Roses? I can't wait to see the girls in shining armour going to war, swinging their maces and battle-axes. Yes, it is going to get sillier. Americans will love it. If you missed Episode 1, CLICK for BBC iPlayer and brace yourself for Episode 2 tomorrow at 9pm.
Update: the BBC tells Elizabeth Woodville's life story through Your Paintings: CLICK.


At 8/7/13, Blogger jinnydreams said...

Loved the books by Phillipa Gregory, namely: The Red Queen, The White Queen and The Kingmakers Daughter. The BBC drama The White Queen, is a mish mash of the three books which I think is needed as a viewer may get confused otherwise. Fantastic portrayal by BBC, another winner in the bag.

At 8/7/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, Jinny

I must admit it's got too girlie and soppy for me. I've given up on it. Maybe I'll watch the last episode, when the moaning matrons go into battle, just for a laugh.


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