Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kunsthal Heist Loss

Remember the robbery from the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, last October? If not, CLICK. Lucian Freud's Woman with Eyes Closed was the best of the stolen works, seven avant-garde paintings worth about 100 million euro thingies ($130 million). The media deemed it the Theft of the Century. Romanian police collared six Romanians for the crime. They go on trial in Bucharest next month. The mother of suspect Radu Doragu has admitted incinerating the stolen paintings in her stove after her son was arrested! So it's a permanent tat-ta to these works (CLICK). Dutch police still haven't arrested anyone working in the Kunsthal at the time, despite the obvious fact that somebody selected and stacked the paintings to be stolen. The thieves couldn't have chosen and removed these works in 90 seconds.


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