Saturday, 17 August 2013

Richard III Review

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave has granted the Plantagenet Alliance a judicial review of the Ministry of Justice decision to allow King Richard III's remains to be re-interred in Leicester Cathedral, but he warned the parties to avoid an "unseemly, undignified and unedifying" legal tussle ... a legal Wars of the Roses part 2" (CLICK). The Plantagenet Alliance wants the king buried in York Minster. More than 27,000 people have signed a petition for the King to go to York, while more than 8,000 signed a petition wanting his remains to stay in Leicester, where they were unearthed. Graphic: on the left is Dundee University's Plastic facial reconstruction of King Richard III plus the king's portrait. No portraits of the king made during his reign survive. Shakespeare used the historian Holinshed as a source for his portrayal of the king: "little of stature, ill-featured of limbs, crook-backed, the left shoulder much higher than the right, hard favoured of visage". The king's skeleton is severely "crook-backed", but it seems he wasn't a hunchback.


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