Saturday, 31 August 2013

St Paul's Donkeys

St Paul's Cathedral has been invaded by 25 life-sized fibreglass donkeys from Egypt, sculpted by Reda Abdel Rahman and painted by Christian and Muslim artists. The CARAVAN Festival of the Arts is some interfaith nonsense based on the fact that the donkey symbolises peace in both Christianity and Islam (CLICK). Shown is Ashraf Reda's Painted Donkey. If you believe in the false hope of interfaith dialogue, just look at what's going on in Syria, where a barbaric religious war between different branches of Islam is spreading over the whole region. To add hypocrisy to lunacy, the exhibition is sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland, a land that is besieged by immigrants and has acted accordingly. However, the donkeys look good in their magnificent setting and they'll be auctioned by Sotheby’s in aid of charities in Egypt that serve the poor. We can't argue against that. Entry to the Cathedral costs £16.00.


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