Sunday, 15 September 2013


While googling for a decent graphic of Albrecht Dürer's The Wise Virgin (next post down or CLICK) I came across his silverpoint drawing Self-portrait aged 13 (1484). Any 13-year-old who can create a drawing of this high quality must be considered a genuine prodigy. Modern usage has devalued the term, because any kid who can squeeze a tube of paint is likely to be hailed as a prodigy in the daft modern art market. Most of them produce rubbish. I've seen paintings by apes, elephants, piglets and even sea-lions that are better. (CLICK for Trotters Independent Painters.) The only contemporary artist who is truly a prodigy is the UK's Kieron Williamson. I've been following his career since he was 7 years old (CLICK).


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