Thursday, 17 October 2013

Get Banksy

Banksy has posted a copy of the New York Post on his website (CLICK). The headline Get Banksy is followed by this tongue-in-cheek news story: "Quick, call the cops! We're having an art attack! The elusive British street artist/vandal known as Banksy has driven the NYPD [New York Police Department] bonkers during his 'residency' in New York - and police are going all out to find him." Various New York politicians have either condemned Banksy as a "vandal" or admitted they've never heard of him, which shows just how clueless these right-wing plonkers are (CLICK). At his own considerable expense, Banksy is giving his fans the best art exhibition New York has ever seen. And it's a democratic show for the man, woman and child in the street. America prides itself on being the guardian of Democracy. So why is the NYPD running around with egg all over its face? Surely it has better things to do than try to arrest Banksy.


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