Wednesday 18 December 2013


The new £27m visitor centre at Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain opened today, just in time for the winter solstice on Saturday. Whether the crowds of pagans, beatniks and hippies that flock to Stonehenge to mark the occasion will be prepared to pay £14.90 to enter the site is a moot point. It's the one million tourists who visit this UNESCO world heritage site every year that need to be fleeced ... er ... impressed. Shown is Swedish facial reconstruction expert Oscar Nilsson putting the finishing touches to his forensic reconstruction of the face of a neolithic man who was buried around 5,500 years ago in a long barrow one and a half miles from Stonehenge. It's one of the exhibits in the new centre. Royal Academicians and other junk peddlers, eat your hearts out. This guy is an artist. CLICK for a BBC tour.


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