Tuesday 28 January 2014

Pretentious Title

Two Days ago I carped about pretentious titles that bamboozle the punters (scroll down or CLICK). Here's the master of the pretentious title aggrandizing nine of his "spin paintings": Moneybags Hirst. The title? Beautiful Intergalactic Fantasmagoria in a Rainbow Big Bang Explosion, Let's Have More Intercourse 2012. How's that for a work that could have been done by a five-year-old child with a suitable spinner? It comes up for grabs in Bonhams A Contemporary Edge sale in London on 4 March with an estimate of £60,000 to £80,000 (CLICK). Buyers of brand Hirst will piddle themselves with excitement.


At 6/2/14, Anonymous Casper H said...

To risk defending the indefensible, aren't Hirst's titles intentionally pretentious? And aren't they ridiculing absurd titles with equally absurd paintings?

At 6/2/14, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Casper

I don't think Hirst is ridiculing pretentious titles. He's the master of them. And boy, does he bamboozle the punters!
Shame he doesn't know how to spell Phantasmagoria.


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