Friday, 20 June 2014

Goddess Paint

Do you sometimes wonder that you and your social circle are the only sane people in an increasingly insane world? Atrocities by mad Muslims are daily news. Here's another fruitcake religion. This is Samita Bajracharya (2010) who until she began menstruating was a Kumari Devi. The Nepalese believe that the Hindu goddess Durga, known as Taleju in Nepal, is reincarnated in the body of specially favoured pre-pubescent girls, who must act as the goddess and receive offerings from her devotees. The girl lives in isolation and is dressed and painted by her mother to look the part. The goddess leaves the girl's body as soon as she menstruates (CLICK). Whacky or what? Humanity has created at least 2,500 deities. We create them. They don't create us. Why do we bother?


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