Monday, 15 September 2014

Photography Oxford

Photography exhibitions seem to be marking autumn in the UK. Oxford has gone bananas with a festival spread around 20 venues across the city. The inaugural Photography Oxford, which opened yesterday, has a wide variety of stunning photos caught by camera clickers from Britain, the USA, Germany, New Zealand, France, Finland, Egypt and Italy. Some of the winning pictures from this year's World Press Photo Awards are also featured. The dedicated website is tricky dicky and unhelpful. For instance, Wendy Sacks splendid photo of brothers in water is the home page graphic, but no details are revealed. Where to find it? What's its title? Camera details? One exhibition I did track down and highly recommend is that of Maisie Broadhead at Art Jericho. She photographs modern women within a domestic context in the style of Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. The festival runs until 5 October. CLICK for the irritating festival website. CLICK for a BBC selection of images from the festival.


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