Thursday 23 October 2014

Sir Nick No 1

Here's depressing news: Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota has been named the most powerful figure in the art world. For the first time he's topped ArtReview magazine's annual Power 100 list, the first leader of a public museum to do so. He's been in the Top 10 from the start of the Power 100 list in 2002. Tate Passé ... er ... Modern is the most visited contemporary art museum in the world. It "consistently deployed an international - rather than a national - perspective on art production" explained ArtReview. "Tate has come to epitomise almost all the elements of the current 'global' art world, where the distribution of art is arguably now more important than its production" (CLICK). So much for art and the modern art market! It's all about fooling the punters that tripe is art. Shown is Charles Thomson's Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision (2000) (CLICK).


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