Thursday 29 January 2015

Atlantis Ditched

The BBC has announced that it is ditching In The Flesh and its Greek mythology bending saga Atlantis. The last seven episodes of Atlantis 2 will air in the spring. Danny Cohen, the Beeb's controller of television, spouted the following gibberish to Newsbeat (CLICK).

"The thing about our dramas is that if you want to try new things, you have to make room for the new things and you have to stop spending money on the ones that are there already to create the space for the new things. So there was a time when we had to stop doing something in order to create the space for In The Flesh. Now we have to move on again, so that we can keep providing exciting new things for audiences ... So you have to keep creating space, you have to keep trying new things, otherwise you keep offering the audience the things they had before."

In other words: Change for the sake of change and to hell with what viewers want. Thus speaks a man who has reached his level of incompetence. What you should have said, Danny, is that so long as a series is popular and can be sold abroad and the writers haven't run out of ideas, you keep producing it and forget making space for experiments. I'm not writing this in defence of Atlantis. The start of Series 2 looked low budget, badly directed and devoid of fresh ideas. Shown is Aiysha Hart as Ariadne in Atlantis.


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