Thursday, 21 May 2015

Artist for £20

The Bank of England plans to depict a visual artist on its next £20 note and wants the public to nominate artists. We can nominate painters, sculptors, print makers, designers, craftspeople, ceramicists, architects, fashion designers, photographers, filmmakers.and furniture makers. The nominee must be dead and, I assume, British. There has never been an artist on British banknotes before. Making his announcement at the V&A, Mark Carney said "There are a wealth of individuals within the field of visual arts whose work shaped British thought, innovation, leadership, values and society and who continue to inspire people today" (CLICK). William Hogarth would be top of my list. In addition to his many artistic achievements, he had a long, supportive association with the Foundling Hospital for abandoned children. Shown is one of my favourite paintings: French-born Sophie Anderson's Foundling Girls in their School Dresses at Prayer in the Chapel (1877). If you want a woman, try Evelyn de Morgan.


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