Tuesday, 18 August 2015

'Obscene' Diver

"Obscene" and "sexist" is how critics describe this Aoshima Megu Mascot created for the Japanese coastal city of Shima, which is hosting the Group of Seven summit next year. She's a cute, voluptuous, 17-year-old aspiring "ama" diver with huge manga eyes and big breasts in search of a boyfriend. Real "ama" divers, who harvest seaweed, clams and pearls, are furious and have signed a petition calling for the city to scrap the mascot. I assume this is because they aren't cute, voluptuous 17-year-olds with manga eyes and big breasts. Aw, come on, ladies. What's wrong with glamorizing "ama" divers? Why petition to be depicted as scarecrows? (CLICK.)


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