Tuesday 22 September 2015

David Inshaw

The Fine Art Society in London is currently showing Time Past and Time Present, an exhibition of new paintings by David Inshaw. Shown is his Allegory I (2015) which has a distinct touch of Paul Delvaux Surrealism about it. Don't ask me what the allegory represents. Maybe it's a fleet of Isis people smuggling ships descending on sybaritic Europeans. The show coincides with the publication of a new book on the artist: David Inshaw written by Andrew Lambirth and published by Unicorn Press (CLICK).


At 23/9/15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Inshaw's rather suspect 'Brotherhood of Ruralist' days with Peter Blake have yet to be uncovered? But there are some slightly worrying naked children throughout….

At 23/9/15, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. Andrew Lambirth is the author of the new book on David Inshaw> Does he include any Brotherhood of Ruralist paintings by Inshaw?


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