Tuesday, 22 September 2015

David Inshaw

The Fine Art Society in London is currently showing Time Past and Time Present, an exhibition of new paintings by David Inshaw. Shown is his Allegory I (2015) which has a distinct touch of Paul Delvaux Surrealism about it. Don't ask me what the allegory represents. Maybe it's a fleet of Isis people smuggling ships descending on sybaritic Europeans. The show coincides with the publication of a new book on the artist: David Inshaw written by Andrew Lambirth and published by Unicorn Press (CLICK).


At 23/9/15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Inshaw's rather suspect 'Brotherhood of Ruralist' days with Peter Blake have yet to be uncovered? But there are some slightly worrying naked children throughout….

At 23/9/15, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. Andrew Lambirth is the author of the new book on David Inshaw> Does he include any Brotherhood of Ruralist paintings by Inshaw?


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